The Bernard Lander Collection consists of administrative records created by Dr. Lander throughout his lifetime, or retained by him during his presidency at Touro College from its inception until his death. Included are a wide variety of documents and artifacts pertaining to the founding, operations and expansion of Touro College.

The majority of the collection spans roughly from 1970 to 1999, with a small number of items pre-dating Touro or dealing with non-Touro subject matter. The records are comprised of correspondence, memoranda, reports, financial documents, photographs, architectural blueprints and materials published by the college for internal and public use. The collection preserves the day-to-day operations of the College as well as outlining the vision of Dr. Lander and others in shaping its growth and development. While many of the holdings were created by Dr. Lander, as President of the college, correspondence and many other documents originating from deans, program directors, board members, faculty and staff and other Touro personnel and associates passed through his hands and were filed by his administrative assistants.

Holdings not created by Dr. Lander or Touro associates include media clippings and recordings, educational materials by institutions which subsequently merged with Touro College, and other items such as publications or ephemera which were preserved due to provenance or other significant factors. In addition to the bulk of the collection, which concern Touro College, are materials that document Dr. Lander’s work as a sociologist and professor prior to his founding of Touro. These include correspondence, compiled statistics, field recordings and other 5 research data and published writings by Dr. Lander on juvenile delinquency and other topics.