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Library Instruction Services

Information literacy includes the ability to find, critically evaluate, and ethically use information, skills which are essential to student success both within and beyond higher education. Touro Libraries provides a variety of library instruction services to introduce students to our wide range of library resources and services, and to help them to develop essential research and critical thinking skills. We invite you to contact your campus library for more information and to schedule sessions for your students.

Though it is important that students know about the library and the many resources available to them at the start of the semester, we highly recommend bringing your classes to the library when they have a research assignment due. This establishes the clear relevance of the tools and skills covered, improving student engagement and retention.

We offer classes in the following formats:

Library Orientations

Orientation sessions are our most popular instruction format. Suitable for all disciplines and levels, library orientations introduce the library collection, our services, and essential research skills. We suggest that you contact your campus library to reserve your library session early, as slots can fill up during popular times.

Subject-Specific Classes

We also offer library sessions for upper-level classes that are tailored to the subject and class content. For students who have already attended an orientation session, these classes can introduce them to additional resources and more advanced concepts and techniques. Potential topics include how to:

  • Search library resources, including the catalog, e-books, and article databases
  • Hone searches by employing basic and advanced search techniques and strategies
  • Evaluate the reliability and usefulness of websites and online information
  • Identify peer-reviewed academic articles and other types of sources
  • Avoid plagiarism and create in-text citations and bibliographies formatted according to a style guide such as MLA, APA or Chicago
  • Use LibGuides to identify top resources and streamline the research process
  • Or, other topics as discussed between faculty and library staff

Distance Classes

For online courses and campuses without access to a physical library, all of our instruction sessions can also be held virtually using free Zoom video conferencing software. Please contact Sara Tabaei for more information.

Embedded Librarians

Moving beyond a single library session, the Embedded Librarian project fosters collaboration between faculty and libraries to assist students throughout the semester. A dedicated embedded librarian can provide course- and assignment-specific resources, offer assistance directly through Canvas, and/or teach one or more customized sessions in person or virtually. Suitable for online or in-person classes. 


“[The] presentation was an eye opener for my students. They were amazed at the number of resources available to them, and even more so, the fact that [the librarian] was someone whose aim was to help them succeed in their studies.”

“[The librarian] provided students not only with a variety of databases students can refer to for the research articles they are expected to submit in two weeks, but she also showed them how to limit their search and make it more manageable and practical so that they do not become frustrated”

“The students were excited about the databases and their newfound ability to use them. They also learned about APA style, which they will need to know for my class as well as others.”

“I appreciate the time and effort you put into your lecture as a whole, as well as into customizing your examples to make them relevant for our students. I loved the interactive style you used. You packed weeks worth of information into our short time frame, yet it did not feel pressured at all...great value!”

Faculty Development


The library offers various online workshops for faculty covering topics such as library services, copyright, and publishing. For more information, contact Sara Tabaei.

View a schedule of upcoming library workshops here.

For Students

Touro Libraries offers a range of online tutorials and self-help, available to students at any point during the research process, as well as more formal research courses.

Online Resources

  • Instructional Videos - Brief explanations of various research skills, techniques, and tools
  • For Students Guide - An overview of the research process with many helpful links to outside resources
  • Research Guides - Hand-picked resources from the library and other websites organized by subject

ProQuest Research Companion

ProQuest Research Companion

ProQuest Research Companion supports information literacy, writing, and research skills instruction, providing a companion to instruction sessions and allowing librarians and instructors to focus on teaching more complex research and writing principles. Developed by writing instructors and librarians, ProQuest Research Companion is comprised of ten learning modules and five interactive tools—all designed to automate the key elements of the research process.