Touro Scholar

Touro Libraries are pleased to announce our institutional repository, Touro Scholar. It is an online archive designed to showcase the scholarship coming out of the Touro College & University System. It features the ability to download articles, data, or other materials, and it offers usage statistics for all hosted work. All content is fully discoverable with search engines such as Google.

In contrast to the Faculty Publications Database, which mainly consists of citations, Touro Scholar will provide open access to full-text of its contents and the ability to include additional types of materials. Increasingly, funders and publishers are demanding that institutions and faculty members provide open access to their research, for which this will be the main outlet. Most importantly having the contents of the repository indexed by search engines means that more people will find Touro faculty members’ works, increasing prestige and encourage idea-sharing and collaboration on a wider scale.

In the coming months, as the setup of the repository is completed, we will encourage members of the administration, faculty, staff, and eventually students, to deposit their work in this showcase of Touro scholarship.

Access Touro Scholar here.